Harpers Ferry Engine House Restoration Planned

Issue 1 and Volume 117.

Harpers Ferry Engine House Restoration Planned JOHN BROWN’S stand of October 16-18, 1859 in the fire engine house at the U. S. Armory, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia (then Virginia), interests most school children as they study events leading to the Civil War. However, only Civil War buffs seem to know any facts concerning the fire station. If the National Park Service is successful in its search for equipment to restore the station, the details and information will be preserved as part of our national history. Joseph R. Prentice, superintendent of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, recently contacted Charles F. Reininger, president and general manager, Powhatan Brass and Iron Works, Ranson, W. Va., and asked for assistance in the restoration project. In turn, Mr. Reininger has asked FIRE ENGINEERING’S cooperation in publicizing the details with the hope that apparatus and equipment typical of the period may be obtained for the project.…

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