Three Fire Fighters Killed In Framingham, Mass., Disaster

Issue 1 and Volume 117.

Three Fire Fighters Killed In Framingham, Mass., Disaster EXPLOSION of a 15,000-gallon fuel oil storage tank during a spectacular coal yard fire at Framingham, Mass. (Pop. 50,000), on August 21, took the lives of three fire fighters from the neighboring town of Ashland and caused injuries to more than a score of other fire fighters and spectators. Instantly killed were: Chief Charles II. Moran, 45; Lieutenant Norman Barry, 34; and Fire Fighter John Reebenacker, 19, all of Ashland. Among the more seriously injured were a 12-year-old boy who had a leg amputated and Rexford Wilson, editor, Fire Record Department, NFPA, who happened to be in the vicinity at the time and was an interested observer. “Rex” received such severe injuries that one arm had to be amputated. Eleven fire fighters received hospital treatment and many of the spectators received minor injuries or burns that were not accounted for. The property…

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