Bells Buffs and Blazes

Issue 1 and Volume 117.

Bells Buffs and Blazes THE JOYS of being a columnist: Having to find something on the tenth of every month (the day I try to become erudite). … Having to find something to say that will pass the hawk-eye of Editor Don O’Brien, the James Gordon Bennett of firedom. … The last time I thought of something poignant to say in this column was when Editor O’Brien, Assistant Editor Jim Casey, and I were having lunch in a German restaurant in Manhattan. (This biergarten was so authentic that the waiters would pay attention only to me because I have a perpetual kraut pout to go with my name. The German waiter, therefore, ignored O’Brien and Casey. With names like those—and faces to match—need I say more?) By the time lunch was over (some several Beafeater martinis later—extra dry, please, with a twist ’o lemon) I, of course, forgot the idea…

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