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Issue 1 and Volume 117.

What’s new DEPARTMENTS manufacturer’s products • personalities New Mobile Unit Aeronautical Electronics, Inc., U. S. Highway 1, North, Raleigh, N. C., has announced its new Aerotron Slimline 35watt WHF-FM mobile radio unit. Designed for up-front mounting in any vehicle, it may be trunk-mounted and operated by an optional remote control unit. Up to four channels may be switchselected and plug-in provision is made for Unicall tone-activated quieting. Smoke Eaters’ Pill Valcarb, a pill for smoke-eaters has been developed by Anthony Associates, 920 South Oyster Bay Road, Hicksville, N. Y. According to the manufacturer, it will combat the sick feeling caused by swallowing smoke and all of the complex acids formed in the smoke as a result of the combustion. New Power Megaphones Triton Marine Products Co., 61 Manhasset Isle, Port Washington, N. Y., is marketing two transistorized power megaphones which are useful for emergency services. The Captain has 8 watts…

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