Questions & answers

Issue 1 and Volume 117.

Questions & answers Handling Chimney Fires To The Editor: What method would you recommend for extinguishing chimney fires? In our town these fires result from the use of wood-burning furnaces and the chimneys are of brick construction without tile interiors but do have clean-outs. It is our current practice to direct a stream of water up the chimney from the clcan-out in the basement. However, others recommend using soda-acid extinguishers. What other methods exist and which is preferable? B.O.D. Answer: Generally water is best applied from the top of the chimney downward in the form of a light spray. Since water is the extinguishing agent in both cases it makes little difference whether a fog nozzle or a soda and acid extinguisher is used except that some baffle such as a stick should be used to break up the extinguisher’s stream in the form of a spray. A stream of…

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