Life Net Saves a Life

Issue 2 and Volume 117.

Life Net Saves a Life Stumbling through an obstacle course of pillows and mattresses’, four Los Angeles fire fighters carried, opened and maneuvered a life net in a 14-foot alley just in time to catch a young man who had been hanging from the outside of a bathroom window, four stories up. The fire, which placed the man, Larry Geiger, in such a precarious position, occurred on June 20 and had its beginning in a dressing-room closet outside the bathroom in which he was showering. Not hearing a shouted warning from his roommate who had attempted to extinguish the blaze, Mr. Geiger finished his shower and then discovered smoke oozing under the bathroom door. He opened the door, but the heat was so intense that he quickly slammed it. In short order, the bathroom was untenable and he had to crawl out through a bathroom window. Fire fighters who had…

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