Crash Rescue Squad Employs PVC Fire Clothing

Issue 2 and Volume 117.

Crash Rescue Squad Employs PVC Fire Clothing —Darby Camera photo courtesy Jomac-North, Inc. POLYVINYL CHLORIDE fire coats and pants, colored safety yellow, have withstood damaging effects of intense heat, fuels, chemicals and hard wear during a nine-month period at Grumman Aircraft’s Peconic River facilities in Calverton, Long Island, N. Y. The clothing’s light weight and heat-resistant qualities provide a combination that has not been matched before in conventional fire fighting garments. Worn as standard gear in all emergencies by Grumman’s Crash Rescue Squad, the PVC coats and pants have outperformed previously employed fabric-type by a considerable length of time. The clothing has been subjected to a variety of fire fighting conditions, and is still earmarked for many more months of service. By way of comparison, George Rose, crash fire chief, relates: “Canvas-type coats frequently lasted for only one fire. The intense heats and spattering of fuels and chemicals would rot…

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