Flooding with CO2 Saves Ship’s Cargo

Issue 2 and Volume 117.

Flooding with CO2 Saves Ship’s Cargo San Francisco fire fighters follow planned attack procedures TONS of carbon dioxide piped into a hold of the U. S. President Van Buren held and then completely extinguished a fire in baled cotton on December 3, Pier 50, San Francisco Bay. No water was used and fire fighters after stretching protective lines stood by for 22 hours before opening hatches. The ship was almost ready for sea when fire broke out in No. 5 hold which held 2,500 bales of long-staple cotton previously onloaded in Southern California. First-in units who responded at 12:59 p.m. were met with large volumes of smoke issuing from the hold, and a second alarm was requested at 1:06 p.m. Operations followed previously made plans for this type of fire, the sixth in recent years. Hatches on No. 5 hold were closed and sealed and lines were stretched aboard from…

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