Bells Buffs and Blazes

Issue 2 and Volume 117.

Bells Buffs and Blazes DEPARTMENTS NOW TAKE Chief Dan Vogel of the Cincinnati, Ohio, Fire Department. There walks a man tall and proud; a man for whom neither smoke nor flame nor heat of basement blaze kindles the faintest spark of fear. And so it came to pass on that fall Sunday morning that Chief Vogel was relaxing in bed. All was right with tlie world. And then the telephone rang. “Chief Vogel?” “Yes, ma’am,” not recognizing the distinctly feminine anonymous voice. “I’m going to have a baby!” Now in the hearts of some men I know that would strike profound terror. But that is not the measure of Dan Vogel. “Has your Enquirer been delivered yet?” she demanded. Now expectant mothers are prone to be demanding. Even Chief Vogel knew that. Cucumbers, ice cream, licorice chewing gum, perhaps. But the Enquirer newspaper! Really, Charlie Brown! Quickly making a masterful…

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