Issue 2 and Volume 117.

THE ROUND TABLE DEPARTMENTS Fire Fighters’ Safety—Part 3 James H. Moher, Chief, Milwaukee, Wis.: A committee identified as the City of Milwaukee Employees Accident Prevention Committee, composed of representatives from each city department, meets at regular monthly intervals under the supervision of the Milwaukee Safety Commission and the city attorney’s office, to analyze; the cause of accidents and to adopt or renew preventive measures. Representatives from the fire department on this committee include the deputy chief of the bureau of instruction and training and the superintendent of machinery and apparatus. A Milwaukee fire fighter’s education in safety begins with his assignment to the department’s training school as a rookie and continues during his 30 days of intensive basic training, his assignment to a company and his first year as a probationer. In-service training cycles, in which members are instructed in new developments in fire fighting and safety techniques continue all…

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