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Issue 3 and Volume 117.

In This Issue 189 Support the IAFC Membership Drive—An Editorial 190 Automatic Transmissions Gain in Favor By T, J. Magiera 192 Fire Escapes—Imperfect but Frequently Indispensable By J. W. Britton 194 Ohio Nursing Home Holocaust Kills 63 196 Surfboarders and Mountain Climbers By Ronald Goben 197 Aerial Ladder Vs. Elevating Platform By Donald M. O’Brien 198 Puerto Rico Hosts Institute in Fire Department Administration 199 Store Fire Kills Seven in Japan 200 Forest Fire Training at Camp Pendleton 201 Skokie, III., Fire Department Makes Fast Stop at Sprawling Plant 202 Fire Apparatus Introductions and Deliveries 204 Cigarette Touches Off California Church 204 Fire Hazard Alert Project Cuts Brush Fires By Cliff Dektar 205 Military-Civilian Cooperation Effective at West Point By Chief Douglas Bird, Jr. DEPARTMENTS 206 Industrial Fire Safety By W. E. Rossnagel 208 False Alarms 210 Manufacturer’s News 214 The Volunteer’s Corner By Chief Richard Pratt Sylvia 215 Coming…

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