Vinyl Chloride Blast Kills Seven

Issue 4 and Volume 117.

Vinyl Chloride Blast Kills Seven 500 families evacuated during chemical plant fire A VIOLENT BLAST, heard 40 miles away, rocked the city of Attleboro, Mass., on Sunday evening, January 12, killed seven workmen, hospitalized 11 other persons including a deputy fire chief and caused nearly 500 families to be evacuated from their homes. Property damage was estimated at over $5,000,000. The plant involved took in a 15acre plot located on the extreme south of the city, at the junction of the boundaries of Attleboro and Seekonk, Mass., and Cumberland, R. I. Owned and operated by the Thompson Chemical Company, it was built in 1955 for the specific purpose of manufacturing polyvinyl chloride, a base for plastic products. It was considered one of the best from a safety viewpoint. All buildings and furnishings were of noncombustible material and a vigorous safety program was maintained including full cooperation with the fire department…

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