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Issue 4 and Volume 117.

What’s new DEPARTMENTS manufacturer’s products • personalities New Oxykit inhalator The Stephenson Corporation is introducing the Oxykit, an inhalator without a reservoir or breathing bag. A special demand regulator supplies 20 to 30 minutes of 100 per cent oxygen to the user as needed. It is housed on the back of the mask and operates on an inlet pressure of 50 to 70 psi. The complete kit consists of the regulator mask, a reducer-shut-off valve and an 87-cubic-inch (Standard B) oxygen cylinder. It is contained in a thermoplastic case and weighs only 9 pounds with a fully charged cylinder. Circle No. 31 on Reader Service Card. Hose Re-rolling Machine Jiffy Hose-Picker-Upper is Circul-Air Corporation’s name for its new poweroperated device for rewinding hose after fires or replacement procedures at the station. The device coils the hose and picks it up. In demonstrations over 1,500 feet of 2 1/2-inch hose have…

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