Industrial Fire Safety

Issue 4 and Volume 117.

Industrial Fire Safety DEPARTMENTS FLEXIBLE, lightweight 1 1/2-inch cotton, cotton and synthetic or all-syntheticjacketed, rubber or neoprene-lined, fire hose is available today to replace the 2 1/2inch unlined linen hose formerly used at standpipe outlets in industrial buildings. This 1 1/2-inch hose is usually equipped with an adjustable-type fog nozzle. Fire fighters sometimes wonder if this type nozzle is superior to the older open nozzle. Water fog or spray has proven more effective than a solid stream of water from a conventional-type hose nozzle for extinguishing, or at least controlling, large Class A (solid material) and Class B (flammable liquid) fires. Another advantage is that fog will not readily conduct electric current as will a solid stream of water. Thus, it can be used safely in the vicinity of live electrical apparatus. Of course, water in any form should not be intentionally directed at energized equipment. Keep in mind that…

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