The Volunteer’s Corner

Issue 4 and Volume 117.

The Volunteer’s Corner DEPARTMENTS EVERY ONCE in a while you see a fire picture in a newspaper and you know at a glance the firemen are volunteers. What makes it so evident the men are volunteers? The lack of fire fighting clothing— helmets, boots and coats. Men who wouldn’t think of welding without a hood or bowling without special shoes think nothing of risking injury —or even death—in the clothing they have on when the whistle blows. The saddest part of the picture is that the volunteers know better, but they often think there isn’t time to put on turnout gear. So when the improperly clothed men hit a really hot fire, they can’t get inside. Or they draw back because they run into the spray from another hoseline. Then the fire attack is slowed down and determination turns to retreat. This means that more time is lost in pressing…

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