Issue 5 and Volume 117.

THE ROUND TABLE DEPARTMENTS Fire Apparatus Maintenance—Part 2 James A. Fox, Chief, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.: Our very small volunteer department, as is the ease with similar adjoining departments, cannot afford a full-time mechanic. It is nevertheless essential that major repairs be handled with some urgency and for this eventuality the services of a retired master mechanic are retained. A small honorarium is paid for this service. Promotion to pump operator is competitive and the examination includes the ability to perform simple maintenance operations necessary to keep apparatus in correct working order. In addition, one of the requirements when personnel are recruited for this department, is that they have some mechanical ability. In this way, run-of-the-mill repairs may be handled at station level. Regular apparatus tests are performed weekly and a service test as recommended in NBFU Pamphlet No. 19 (Specifications for Motor Fire Apparatus) is conducted annually under the…

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