Aerial Ladders or Elevating Platforms—

Issue 8 and Volume 117.

Aerial Ladders or Elevating Platforms— Recognize Their Strong Points and Limitations “WHICH SHOULD I BUY? An aerial ladder or a mobile aerial platform?” Many fire chiefs are asking this question. But the answer is not simple. It depends on the needs of the particular city in question. For the past 85 years fire departments have placed reliance on the aerial ladder as a means of access to the upper floors of buildings. The ladder has also been used as a water tower. In fact, many cities have abandoned the water tower entirely, placing reliance instead on the metal aerial for this function. Chiefs then faced the problem that fire in a high-value district could tie up most of their aerials when used as water towers. Should a simultaneous alarm occur in a building where aerial ladders would be required, they would not be available. To solve this problem a new…

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