Electric Hoists Speed Hose Tower Procedures

Issue 8 and Volume 117.

Electric Hoists Speed Hose Tower Procedures One-man operation employed in part-paid department TOWER DRYING of fire hose is preferred by the Vineland, N. J., Fire Department. Since we have only 13 full-time paid men (and 250 volunteers) it is necessary that we use power to raise hose in the tower. Five 3.5-hp electric hoists have been installed at the top of the tower. These hoists have trebled the hanging capacity previously enjoyed with six hoists in our old tower. Drying as many as sixty 50-foot lengths of 2½inch hose simultaneously has become a simple matter. The hoists have ample power to pick up soaking wet hose without any assistance. Men do not have to “push” hose underneath the hoists in order to provide a clear, straight lift. It is only necessary to loop it over the hardwood rollers of the six-arm sheave, and press the “Up” button. The hoist controls…

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