Electrical Hazards Head Syracuse Inspection Report

Issue 9 and Volume 117.

Electrical Hazards Head Syracuse Inspection Report Overloading of electrical circuits and the use of improper fuses present the greatest fire danger to Syracuse, N. Y., residents, according to a summary of fire hazard discovered during a 1963 citywide home inspection program. The drive, most intensive in Syracuse history, was conducted by fire companies over a 28-week period beginning April 22 and ending November 1. A total of 3,278 hazards were noted in the 4,554 dwellings inspected. The cellar-to-attic home inspections showed that basements contained the largest number of hazards, 2,174. The list is topped by 1,653 circuit, fuse and wiring hazards, with accumulations of rubbish and trash noted on 800 occasions. All of the city’s 27 fire companies, totaling 11,700 man-hours, took part in the inspections, conducted only with the consent of the homeowner, according to Chief Simon E. Ennis. The cooperation of newspapers and broadcast media was instrumental in…

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