PANIC Causes 17 Deaths In Church Hall Fire

Issue 9 and Volume 117.

PANIC Causes 17 Deaths In Church Hall Fire Failure to recognize danger and use available exits creates San Francisco Holocaust ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE is the series of events which led to the deaths of 17 persons in a San Francisco church hall fire on Saturday evening, May 23. Investigation established that the tragedy unfolded as a flaming sword dancer lighted his swords preparatory to starting his act on stage. An open metal container of white gasoline, used for dipping the material-covered blades ignited. Improper use of extinguisher The performer then attempted to extinguish the blazing liquid with part of his costume. A well-meaning but uninformed bystander discharged a pressurized water extinguisher into the pail. The immediate fire spread created a nightmare of terror and frenzy. The separate one-story Type 5 (frame) hall belonged to the All Hallows Catholic Church in the Bayview District. It contained approximately 50-foot-by-90-foot main floor area, served…

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