IAFC Reports on Injuries to Fire Fighters

Issue 9 and Volume 117.

IAFC Reports on Injuries to Fire Fighters The small brush fire burning out of control is exceedingly dangerous to fire fighters. One brush fire, during the first quarter of this year, injured 126 fire fighters. Fifty-one other individuals required hospitalization. The majority of those injured suffered smoke inhalation. Smoke inhalation is the greatest single cause of injury to fire fighters, the International Association of Fire Chiefs points out. It stated that 571 fire fighters suffered injuries during the first quarter of 1964 while engaged in combatting 167 fires, tabulated from reports published in the press. According to B. Richter Townsend, IAFC’s general manager, fire fighters don’t have to be engaged with large industrial, commercial or residential fires to suffer smoke inhalation. In fact, brush fires have proven, in some instances, to be even more hazardous. Of the 571 fire fighters injured during the first quarter, 476 suffered smoke inhalation. Three…

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