Windowless Buildings Hamper Fire Fighters

Issue 9 and Volume 117.

Windowless Buildings Hamper Fire Fighters “FOR THE SAKE of modem design and appearance, some buildings going up now are streamlined firetraps. It is difficult and hazardous to fight a fire in them once they get started because fire fighters have no way of getting to the source of the flame.” These words were spoken not long ago by Fire Chief C. M. Bullock (now retired) shortly after a $5-million fire had destroyed a windowless Houston, Tex., building that had housed a discount store. Until relatively recent times buildings without windows were few and far between. They were constructed mostly for such occupancies as warehouses, breweries and grain elevators. Now all this has changed, thanks to new techniques in interior lighting and ventilation. Where once the uses for windowless buildings were limited, this architectural concept is now being applied to schools, office buildings, supermarkets and what have you— all occupancies that…

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