Issue 9 and Volume 117.

INDUSTRIAL FIRE SAFETY DEPARTMENTS FIGHTING FIRES in switchboards, panel boards and cable ducts is not as complicated as it sometimes appears! Upon discovery of a fire in the insulation of the wiring on a switchboard or panel board, or in a cable duct or conduit, immediately notify the operator or electrician in charge. He will take steps to get the fire extinguished with first-aid fire equipment, for most fires of this type are slow burning and smoky, with little danger of rapid spread to other combustibles. If the fire cannot be extinguished at once with CO2 or dry chemical extinguishers readily available, he will order someone to call the fire department. Then, first and foremost, deenergize all sources of back-feeds of power to the panel or switchboard concerned. Except in unusual circumstances, considerable fire damage will base been done before anyone arrived at the scene, and complete replacement of the…

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