Manufacturer’s Products

Issue 9 and Volume 117.

Manufacturer’s Products DEPARTMENTS WHAT’S NEW Company News Pumpak for Forest Fire Fighting A portable fiber-glass water extinguisher suitable for forest fire fighting has been introduced by The Ansul Company. The Pumpak, with a capacity of over 5 gallons is corrosion-resistant and rustproof, can be used year around and is said to be up to 40 per cent lighter than comparable metal containers. Two types of pumps are available: the new pistol grip and the straight slide pump. The unit will produce a 35-foot stream of water with a single stroke and a continuous stream with short one-third strokes. It is self-priming and can be converted from a straight water stream to a wide-angle spray with one-third turn of the nozzle head. Circle No. 28 on Reader Service Card. Prime-of-Life Pump Package A complete pump restoration package that can serve as a standby pump is being marketed by the Marlow Pumps…

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