OCD Seeking System to Define Conflagration Area

Issue 10 and Volume 117.

OCD Seeking System to Define Conflagration Area Fire protection engineers have been working since last January to devise a system whereby local fire officials will be able to map the probable limits of uncontrolled fire spread and to estimate the relative rates of propagation of a conflagration. Intended to provide a tool for emergency planning for the fire forces, it would permit them to assess the conflagration potential of a community under disaster conditions and aid in developing plans for coping with such emergencies. Gage-Babcock & Associates, Inc., consulting engineering firm specializing in fire protection problems, is carrying out the project under contract to the Office of Civil Defense, Office of the Secretary of the Army. The system will be simple enough so that it can be applied by a large city, covering many square miles of area, as well as by smaller towns. Research studies on fire spread and…

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