Issue 10 and Volume 117.

THE ROUND TABLE DEPARTMENTS Water Rescue Operations—Part 3 Dan F. Vogel, Chief, Cincinnati, Ohio: Our rescue procedures provide for response to drowning or water rescue incidents. For this purpose we have Army DUKWs, a rescue squad with grappling equipment and diving gear, and a number of rowboats in houses near the river. The last-mentioned are primarily for flood work, but are available for rescue work if needed. One of our most effective procedures is the search for submerged bodies by men in diving gear. Our services are confined to the City of Cincinnati, except under certain conditions on the Ohio River (which belongs to the State of Kentucky almost to the Ohio shoreline). On the river adjacent to Cincinnati, we send equipment to rescue persons in danger, but we do not recover submerged bodies unless they drown in a well-defined area of still water close to the Ohio shore and…

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