Issue 10 and Volume 117.

BOOK SHELF DEPARTMENTS SEKUNARSKADOR OCH RESTVARDES SKYDD I SAMBAND MED BRAND—Published by the insurance company Skanska Brand-Hermes and distributed by Sven ska Brandskydds-foreningen (The Swedish Fire Protection Association), Brunkeberstorg 15, Stockholm C. Edited by Sven Hultqvist and Esbjorn Stal, and written in Swedish, the book treats comprehensively with secondary fire damage and the problem of salvage. Summaries in English are given at the end of each chapter. FIRE OFFICER’S GUIDE TO LEADERSHIP, by the late Walter B. Patterson and Arthur R. Pell; Patterson and Pell, 111 Dietz Street, Hempstead, N. Y.; price $3.00 postpaid. This is a new edition of a text on supervisory techniques and human relations for fire officers which was written originally in 1959 as part of the fire administration program of Queens College, N. Y. It has been adopted by many fire departments as a training manual for officers and potential officers in both fulltime and…

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