Manufacturer’s Products

Issue 10 and Volume 117.

Manufacturer’s Products DEPARTMENTS WHAT’S NEW Company News Stephenson Res-Q-Pac The Stephenson Corporation announces the “Res-Q-Pak,” a demand-type breathing unit which is worn suspended from the neck, and which protects firemen and rescue workers against smoke, fumes and toxic gases. Weighing less than 13 pounds, it can be put on or taken off in seconds and worn without interfering with normal arm or body movements. The air or oxygen cylinder is carried in a sturdy canvas bag, supported by two strong aircraft-type web belts. The bag can be carried in the front or at the side of the wearer. The Res-Q-Pak can be easily and quickly converted into a resuscitator by merely plugging in an accessory head to the outlet provided on the regulator. Circle No. 28 on Reader Service Card Fire-Phone Label The Hines Company is now marketing a fire phone sticker in fluorescent fireorange color. The label is printed…

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