The Economics of the Fire Service

Issue 10 and Volume 117.

The Economics of the Fire Service DEPARTMENTS LEGALLY SPEAKING Due to the special nature of this issue, the author, at the request of the editors, has devoted his column to an economic topic rather than his usual legal subject. His qualifications in this area include operating his own business as well as holding a bachelor’s degree in business administration in addition to his law degree from the University of Wisconsin. The Editors IT HAS ALWAYS been recognized that just about every business in our country is predicated upon sound business principles. Decisions as to whether or not expansion will take place are almost always predicated on a profit motive. In other words, can a given proposal be justified on a dollar-and-cents basis? If the answer is no, then the proposal fails. It is equally true that few if any fire service proposals entail consideration of a profit motive. Recognize, that…

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