Issue 11 and Volume 117.

BELLS BUFFS and BLAZES DEPARTMENTS NOW that we have shouted hosannas for buffs in Lyndon Johnson country—a la the recent boost of buffs of Dallas’ Box 4 assemblage—it is perhaps only right to give equal time to fans in Barry Goldwater territory. If conservatism can indeed be said to be the mark of the Arizonan, the same cannot be held true of the 2-11 Association in Phoenix. This very active buffs club puts out a breezy newsletter and report, courtesy the deft hand of Bob Hatter, editor and secretary, 347 West Pierson Street, Phoenix, Ariz. Why, they even had a zip code over there: 85013. So don’t get the notion that Arizona buffs do nought but cheer the stalwarts on as they fight fires in adobe buildings. As this ex-old wrangler can tell you, there’s plenty of activity in Phoenix. Not a bit of it missing the ken of the…

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