Massive Freight Wreck Tests Maryland Volunteers

Issue 12 and Volume 117.

Massive Freight Wreck Tests Maryland Volunteers Exposed tank of ethylene oxide threatens safety of fire fighters; 23 departments stretch 7 miles of hose Based on the official report of Chief Walter S. Lanier, with the assistance of Deputy Fire Marshal George I. Meyer FLAMES were leaping high from 19 cars of an 88-car Pennsylvania Railroad freight that plowed into a switch engine and tumbled down a ravine, 10 miles out from Washington, D. C. on May 21st, when fire fighters arrived on the scene. The accident occurred shortly before 4:00 a.m. in Cheverly, Md., on a section of the railroad that runs parallel to U. S. Highway No. 50. It brought death to the engineer of the switch engine, serious injuries to three other railroad employees, and spread fire along 750 feet of torn-up track. One fire fighter suffered frostbitten feet when he stepped into a pool of liquid oxygen…

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