New Haven Contains Harbor Oil Spills with Plastic Dam

Issue 1 and Volume 118.

New Haven Contains Harbor Oil Spills with Plastic Dam Oil terminal operators furnish fire department with equipment to reduce danger in port operations USING A 1,400-foot flexible plastic subsurface barrier, the New Haven, Conn., fireboat Sally Lee fights the hazard of spreading gasoline and oil from accidental spillage with a temporary floating dam. Once the streamsurface pollution is held in place, it can be treated and removed before endangering and contaminating the entire harbor and bay area. In the event of a spill alarm, the floating dam is removed from its storage area at the Wyatt Oil Co. and placed aboard the Sally Lee which then speeds to the scene and locks the oil in place with the dam, called a Slickbar. This is only the first step in a complete harbor protection program which includes: 1) containment of the spill; 2) removal of as much oil as possible by…

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