Fighting Fire During a Hurricane

Issue 1 and Volume 118.

Fighting Fire During a Hurricane City of Miami F.D. photos by F. W. McCrimmon Miami faced with multi-alarm warehouse blaze during peak of Hurricane Cleo Based on information provided by Chief L. L. Kenney, Miami, Fla., Fire Department PLANNED PROCEDURES are a must for the proper operation of the modern fire department . . . And where the hazards of day-to-day operations are increased by the need to maintain service under adverse weather conditions, special procedures are in order. Such is the case in the City of Miami, Fla., where the fire department has set up a hurricane procedure so that operations may continue even in the face of the many tropical storms that beset the area during the hurricane season. These hurricane procedures were put to the test once again last August 2(5 as the Miami area was preparing to receive the onslaught of Hurricane Cleo and her predicted…

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