Fire Fighting Foam— Its Development and Progress

Issue 1 and Volume 118.

Fire Fighting Foam— Its Development and Progress Part 1 IT WASN’T too long ago that foam held no special meaning to the men who raced to a fire as fast as horseflesh could get them there. The word could signify either the head on a friendly glass of beer or soapsuds in the kitchen dishpan. Foam as a fire fighter’s tool? . . . Any right thinking man would have scoffed at the very idea! Things have changed. Now foam is the accepted agent for use against flammable liquid fires, and chiefs are discovering it can be equally useful against Class A fires. Not only can foam quickly smother flame, but in the process, water damage is held to a minimum. Early history By a curious coincidence, the serious study of foams and of the phenomena which exist when a bubble of air is trapped within a liquid film, began…

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