Submersible Pumps Speed Clean-Up after Blaze

Issue 1 and Volume 118.

Submersible Pumps Speed Clean-Up after Blaze All photos courtesy Kenco Pump Co. GETTING WATER out of flooded basements or other areas quickly and efficiently after a fire is extinguished is the task assigned to submersible pumps by the Minneapolis Fire Department. For the past seven years, these pumps have proven themselves dependable. The Minneapolis Fire Department has several pumps assigned to its salvage trucks, rescue squad trucks, and the 13 truck companies throughout the city. Wherever possible, members of these companies use the pumps for clean-up use since only one man is needed to put one into operation. This eliminates tieing up heavy equipment and manpower. Compact, self-contained and less cumbersome than larger upright pumps, submersible pumps operate from any common 115-volt outlet with no exhaust to foul up the atmosphere. These pumps have a capacity of up to 8,600 gallons per hour with a maximum discharge head up to…

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