Carbon Dioxide Makes Tank Truck Loading Safer

Issue 1 and Volume 118.

Carbon Dioxide Makes Tank Truck Loading Safer REMOVING one side of the fire triangle, has all but eliminated the possibility of explosion and the attendant fire hazards during loading of tank trucks at the Great Northern Oil Company of St. Paul, Minn. And carbon dioxide receives credit for the job. Great Northern had gone eight years without an accident on its loading racks, when on January 2 of last year at 11 p. m., a muffled explosion and minor fire occurred in a tank truck while #1 fuel oil was being loaded. Just 36 hours later, before the investigation of this accident had been fully completed, another explosion virtually destroyed the same loading rack as well as the tank truck. Again, #1 fuel was being loaded. In both cases the previous load had been gasoline. Following the second fire, the racks were completely shut down pending preliminary investigation. Great Northern…

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