False Alarms

Issue 1 and Volume 118.

False Alarms A church may serve a similar function as a garage for an automoble, that is to keep those who come into it in the working order intended by the maker. Mrs. R. W. Giles A big husky man approached the bartender of a restaurant and said, “I see by a sign in the window that you’re looking for a bouncer. Has the job been filled yet?” “No” said the barman, “But are you sure you could handle the position?” “Ha,” exclaimed the bruiser, “watch this.” He then went to a table where a loudmouth drunk was causing a disturbance. With one hand he lifted the drunk into the air and threw him out onto the sidewalk. “How’s that?” he asked the bartender. “Do I get the job?” “That’s fine,” admitted the barman, “but you’ll have to ask the boss first.” “Fine,” said the bouncer, “Where is he?” “Well,”…

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