Fire Fighting Foam— Its Development and Progress

Issue 2 and Volume 118.

Fire Fighting Foam— Its Development and Progress Part 2 —Creole Petroleum Corp. photos FOAM LIQUIDS are generally available as 3 percent or 6 percent concentrations, referring to the percentage to be used when proportioned into the solution to be aerated at the nozzle. A 3 percent foam liquid, for example, is used by adding 97 parts of water to 3 parts of concentrate. When mechanical foams were first developed, it was obvious the solution strengths found to be optimum in manufacture of the hydrolysates probably would have to be brought to some standard value. Balancing all the many factors involved, water was removed and a concentrate produced which would give the desired foam characteristics when 6 parts of liquid were mixed with 94 parts of water. This 6 percent liquid was widely adopted, and a joint Army-Navy specification (Jan-C-266) was written to cover its purchase by the Armed Forces4 (4).…

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