Michigan Arsonist Index Totals 800

Issue 2 and Volume 118.

Michigan Arsonist Index Totals 800 The Michigan index of suspected arsonists has grown to eight hundred names this year. The file was originally set up by Michigan Members of the International Association of Arson Investigators just one year ago. It was designed as a free investigational aid to be used by police and fire authorities only. The index is composed of cards distributed by the I.A.A.I. and mailed to all police, fire, insurance and associated industries throughout the state. Members of these organizations are requested to complete the cards on all persons closely suspected with the origin of incendiary fire. They are then mailed to the State Fire Marshal’s Office, where they are placed in the index for future reference. State Fire Marshal Clenroy Walker says, “The success of the program is directly attributable to the alert, efficient police, fire, insurance and industry people who are contributing the suspect’s names.”…

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