Issue 2 and Volume 118.

LEGALLY SPEAKING DEPARTMENTS FOR SOMETIME NOW it has been the intention of this writer to comment on the so-called national standard hose thread bills which many states have passed or attempted to pass in recent years. Having had the opportunity to sit in on the discussion and formulation of such a bill has given me some insight into the goals which are desired by such a bill. For purposes of our discussion, consider the following bill which was passed into law in Wisconsin in 1963: “213.15 FIRE HOSE THREADS AND FITTINGS TO BE UNIFORM. All fire hose fittngs, apparatus fittings, 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 inches in diameter purchased or procured after passage of this section (1963), shall be of the National Standard hose thread as adopted by the National Fire Protection Association. Any fire department presently utilizing a nonstandard thread size shall have a period of five years from…

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