Los Angeles County Keeps Training Program up to Date

Issue 3 and Volume 118.

Los Angeles County Keeps Training Program up to Date COVER STORY —All official L. A. County photos “SINCE WORLD WAR II we have been an expanding department. With the tremendous growth of Southern California, we have had to recruit hundreds of men. Sometimes we had to put men in the field without adequate preparation. And, as we grew even more, men occasionally were promoted without complete training.” The speaker was Battalion Chief Bicksler, a veteran of 27 years with Los Angeles County. He heads a staff of six captains who research, plan and supervise a diversified plan of in-service, interdepartmental and recruit training. “As we moved along, our administrators directed that the training section start working hack into the ranks to tighten up and improve some of the phases of training that might have been neglected.” An innovation that the training officer is particularly proud of is the informal indoctrination…

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