Fire Fighting Foam— its Development and Progress

Issue 3 and Volume 118.

Fire Fighting Foam— its Development and Progress Part 3 USING FOAM involves more than projecting it toward a burning surface and hoping for the best. Research has indicated that the extinguishing action takes place at an extremely thin film between the foam and burning liquid. If the bubbles here are coated with fuel, efficiency suffers. Two techniques are recognized—Type 1 or gentle application, and Type 2, splash application. In some cases, especially alcohol foams, Type 1 techniques are now mandatory. The usual system is to place a rolled-up asbestos tube inside the foam chamber. When the chamber is put in service, pressure of the foam inside the Moeller tube causes it to unroll, and drop down to the burning surface, where foam oozes through the loose weave to flow across the fire. Another method is to construct a spiral foam ladder around the side of the tank so that the…

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