Issue 3 and Volume 118.

IN THIS ISSUE 33 Better Training a Must!—An Editorial 34 The Cover Story—Los Angeles County Keeps Training Program Up to Date By Cliff Dektar 36 Con Edison Installs Utilities Exhibit for FDNY 39 Sailors and Marines Organize Volunteer Department By Patrick Young, JOSN 40 A New Look at the Mathematics of Water Delivery By Robert G. Purington 42 How to Handle Fires in Nuclear Weapons By Robert Sheldon 44 Simplified Hydraulics—The Magic Number 15 By Harold A. Strain 45 How to Approach, Set Up and Stand By for Aircraft Emergency Landings By Richard F. Hedwall 46 Fire Fighting Foam—Its Development and Progress By Lester A. Eggleston 48 Fire Department Instructors Conference Looks Forward to 38th Annual Meeting 50 Illinois Volunteers Use 16 Tankers to Quell Dairy Fire DEPARTMENTS 51 Manufacturers’ News 54 False Alarms 57 The Volunteers Corner By Chief Richard P. Sylvia 58 Industrial Fire Safety By W. E.…

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