Smoker’s Pipe Interrupts Church Sermon

Issue 3 and Volume 118.

Smoker’s Pipe Interrupts Church Sermon A commotion in the rear of St. Peter’s Church, Hartford, Conn., interrupted a sermon being delivered by the Reverend Thomas Gaffney on Sunday, January 3. As heads turned throughout the congregation, 30 fire fighters moved down the aisles. Father Gaffney continued his sermon, but had temporarily lost the attention of his audience. It all happened soon after Carl Saggaini, church custodian, called Hartford fire headquarters. Three engine companies and two trucks were dispatched to the scene and two deputy chiefs also responded. The custodian told fire fighters that he smelled smoke in the rear of the church. Parishioners in the last two pews were requested by fire fighters to move toward the front in order that the area could be checked. George Young, one of the parishioners, was sitting in the back pew. He walked past Lieutenant Christopher Aiello. As Young passed, the lieutenant took…

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