A New Look at the Mathematics of Water Delivery

Issue 3 and Volume 118.

A New Look at the Mathematics of Water Delivery Suggested hydraulic equations for fire hose Research conducted by the author under the auspices of the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission led to the conclusions outlined here. The article is presented solely as a means of stimulating thought about the subject and to encourage further field testing and research. It should be pointed out the author measures nozzle pressure at the base of a nozzle rather than at the tip (with a pitot gage). The latter method is employed with the standard Underwriter’s formulas. In addition it should be kept in mind that tests conducted in the past by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. have shown wide variations in fire hose friction losses. —The Editors THROUGH IMPROVEMENTS in fire hose quality, it is now possible for fire service personnel to reap the benefits of more accurate and simpler friction loss equations and better…

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