Issue 3 and Volume 118.

THE ROUND TABLE Modern Fire Hose Part 4 John E. Clougherty, Acting Chief, Boston, Mass.: Due to the different types of operating procedures in use today, such as 1 1/2-inch attack lines and larger feeder or carrier lines for in-line pumping, it is very difficult to make fair comparisons with the past when 3/4-inch booster line was backed up by 2 1/2-inch handline. We have changed our requirements to keep abreast of developments. We use UL standards as a guide. Hose maintenance facilities have not been changed to any great degree. The fire service is in need of larger size hose carriers, preferably 3 1/2-inch, which would be light, strong and able to stand rough usage. William L. Miller, Chief Engineer, Los Angeles, Calif.: It has been our experience in recent years that a combination of synthetic fibers and cotton in the hose jacket has materially lengthened the life of…

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