Issue 3 and Volume 118.

FIRE APPARATUS MAINTENANCE IN OUR EFFORTS to make maintenance dollars go farther, we can profit by the experience of others to use as a guide. We have not only fire service experience to draw on, but the results of research of many manufacturers and experience of large truck and bus operators. All have learned and agree that the first two fundamental requirements for good preventive maintenance are cleanliness and proper lubrication. They cost so little, yet return such big dividends for the time, care and effort. Again starting with our inspection report form (Milwaukee, Wis. See February issue of FIRE ENGINEERING) it is gratifying to note the first inspection guide reference is to engine cleanliness. While most fire departments do keep apparatus and equipment clean, we regret that this is poorly done in some departments. Cleaning is only superficial and the men have no interest or enthusiasm for doing a…

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