Issue 3 and Volume 118.

INDUSTRIAL FIRE SAFETY GASOLINE is, without a doubt, the most widely used flammable liquid, yet surprisingly little is known of its behavior by the average user. Liquid gasoline is not hazardous; in fact, it will not burn. A spark plug can be operated while immersed in gasoline, but no fire will result. It is the vapor, when mixed with the proper amount of air, that burns or explodes. If there is less than 1.3 percent of gasoline vapor mixed with air, it is too lean to bum. If there is more than 6 percent (approximately) of vapor in air, it is too rich to bum. But between 1.3 percent and 6 percent—look out! These mixtures are what we call the “lower explosive limit” and the “upper explosive limit,” respectively. Let us imagine that a 52-gallon steel drum has been filled with 50 gallons of gasoline. (Space above the liquid must…

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