Mobile Air Unit Supplies Baltimore’s Masks

Issue 4 and Volume 118.

Mobile Air Unit Supplies Baltimore’s Masks Cascade system on wheels can replace cylinders at scene of fire Photos Courtesy Mine Safety Appliance Co. HOW DO YOU GET 5,600 cubic feet of air to the scene of a fire when it is needed fast to refill breathing apparatus cylinders used by firemen? You roll it there. This is what the Baltimore City Fire Department does. The department has been doing it since late 1963, when Fire Chief John J. Killen and George W. Merle, superintendent of maintenance, and others, designed an air cascade service mobile unit. This is simply a track equipped with air storage capacity and compressor to replenish this and other smaller cylinder air supplies. Until about four years ago, the department was using various types of respiratory protection in fire fighting. Some of these units are still in use and, many times have proved valuable. However, more and…

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