IAFC Reports Smoke Injuries Continue to Rise

Issue 4 and Volume 118.

IAFC Reports Smoke Injuries Continue to Rise Smoke inhalation injuries continued to plague fire fighters during the third quarter of 1964. The International Association of Fire Chiefs reported smoke inhalation was the cause of injury to 396 of 477 fire fighters—or 83 per cent—hurt battling 199 fires during the three months ending September 30. Smoke inhalation also caused one of six deaths to fire fighters, and hospitalized 72 others. The figures represent only a sampling of the fires that occurred during the period, and are based on newspaper reports from across the nation. The survey compares with 74 per cent fire fighter injuries from smoke inhalation during the same period in 1963, and 84 per cent in the first half of this year. Purpose of the continuing study by IAFC is to alert municipal fire officials and others in the fire service to dangers of smoke inhalation and the need…

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